Viral Sore Throat Or Just Irritation?

Viral Sore Throat or Just Irritation?

I am 25 years old and a male. I am a med student and have been self quarantined for the last week or so after my school transitioned to online courses. I don’t think I’ve come into contact with anyone recently who had the coronavirus, but I have a lot of friends who work in hospital settings. So I may socialize with a more at-risk population.

Last night I noticed my throat is very sore. I don’t have any other characteristic symptoms of coronavirus at all. I do have pain when swallowing. I normally eat a protein bar for breakfast, but it was too painful to eat today.

I noticed my sore throat looks strange in that it’s really a white line that’s surrounded by redness. Almost looks like an abrasion with inflammation instead of some kind of infection. I’ve attached some pictures below. Does this look anything like a viral infection? I’ve read that symptoms like fever can potentially develop over time, and I’m wondering if this is the start of something more serious. Thanks so much!