Coronavirus: Fast Facts And What You Can Do

What is Unicef doing to help?

Unicef UK has launched #GenerationCovid, its biggest-ever appeal, to help tackle the impact of coronavirus and help vulnerable children and families around the world.

In the UK

Unicef is here to help children, parents and teachers in every way we can. With our schools shut, exams and children’s activities cancelled,

– we will continue to ensure that the inspiring and unique voices of children are heard.
– we are providing teachers with resources on helping children and young people learn about rights from home.
– we are calling on the UK government to address the impact of this crisis on children in its immediate and long-term response.

Around the world

Unicef has been working closely with governments and the World Health Organization (WHO) since the start of the coronavirus outbreak. Our goal is to limit the spread of the virus and reduce the impact on children and families. We urgently need funds to expand the scale and scope of our work, especially in countries with weaker health systems.

Unicef is helping to prevent infection and reduce the impact of coronavirus on children and families through:

– supplying vital medical equipment, such as surgical gloves
– health care support for women, children and vulnerable communities
– providing soap and clean water
– handwashing campaigns to combat the spread of the virus
– information on how communities can best protect themselves
– debunking harmful rumours and ensuring accuracy of information
– access to education and child protection services
– data collection and analysis of the impact of the crisis on women and children.

These are uncertain times for everyone, but Unicef is equipped to help children and families. We’re fighting against a new virus. We’re debunking myths. We’re working with governments and other organisations to keep children safe and ensure their rights to health care, education and play.