Can Self Isolation Bring Stability Back With Families In Modern Society?

In the 20’s and even before it was known that families stood together. Divorce was unheard of. If you did not like your husband or wife years age too bad you had to work your issues out. Then around 1960 came the women’s liberation movement and feminism where women began fighting for their rights. Equal pay, you don’t need a husband, etc. As time went on less people started getting married and having kids or they started getting married later. Now in today’s society 2020 women are entrepreneurs owning their own business which is great but some do not even want a family. So many women are choosing the single and independent route. While it is great to be single and independent it is also great to share your life with someone.

The Coronavirus Pandemic started in December in Wuhan, China. It has now officially become a Pandemic and reach almost every area of the globe. It has effected over 98,000 people. According to ABC “The novel coronavirus outbreak, which began in Wuhan, China, in December, has expanded to touch nearly every corner of the globe. At least 98,000 people around the world have been sickened and thousands have died,” (


In order to get rid of the virus it is now a law that all restaurants , bars etc. are now closed and even stores have shortened areas. There can be no more than gatherings of more than 50 people. There has to be social distance where people have to be six feet away from each other. There is even talk of a curfew where everyone has to be inside their home at 9:30pm.

What happened before all this?

Self-Isolation can be extremely hard for those in college who want to go out and party. It is hard for those who do not have the opportunity to work at home and do not have a job now. It is hard for those who are suffering from issues like using and cannot go to their local bar.

Before all this the divorce rate was extremely high because people were fighting a lot. They were due to finances. One wanted to spend and the other did not. There were also issues as substance abuse and cheating. So many people had a fight with their significant other and they took the easy way out they had the mentality “Everyone cheats or I just need a drink.” Times have changed it was not like it was years ago where people worked on their issues and they stayed with each other for life and death. There are women who if a man does not buy him what he wants she will find someone else. Now think about this. You can’t run to your local bar because you have a fight with your signigicant other. The whole world is now forced to stay inside until this virus is cleared and if you have a family member you do not get along with, too bad you have to learn. You have to work your issues out because everything is closed and you cannot run away anymore.

Once it ends will the world be a better place?

Will the world be a better place by the time we come out of Quarantine and the virus is finally cleared? Will there be a better family structure? Will people have better morals and values?

It could go either way. Either people can learn to work together and appreciate each other or people will fight with each other because they have been stuck inside the house for so long. Too much of something is never a good thing. When you have too much of something either you love it or you hate it but introspection will be going on for sure.

People will have to withdraw from their negative habits that were destroying their family such as spending, infidelity, substance abuse etc. Now they have no choice to stay inside and say good bye to those bad habits. It will hurt them for awhile. If they go back to those habits once the Quarantine ends then it is on them. A person choses to be who they want to be and sometimes they are forced to change their life around and this was a serious matter that maybe happened to change people’s lives for the better. Everything happens for a reason.

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