But Be It As It May

What bothers me personally is my slower than normal reaction to real danger because usually I’m quick in ascertaining when something is wrong. That I have been dumb is disappointing, and even worse, my stupidity potentially fatal, because at this moment I have no idea whether I am contagion free or not.

Yes, I am now wearing my mask, and yes, disinfecting parts of the cab but truly how effective these preventatives are is complete guesswork, a kind of gamble with my life and the life of others. To say this is disconcerting is a great understatement not fully expressing a dilemma I have inserted myself, a diorama not located in a museum but one in constant motion around me. But be it as it may, I am here until I leave for New Mexico on the afternoon of April 29th, visiting my adobe house on the high desert prairie. Perhaps by the time I return on May 13th, the situation will be clearer but do I believe that? I don’t.

More or Less Current Worldwide COVID-19 Death Tolls

Underlining my concerns are the grim statistics stating just how many people are dying from the virus. The following is a selective sampling illustrating how wide spread the pandemic is, affecting all countries and all corners of our planet. Most of these figures date from today but a few are from yesterday, Sunday 04/19/20

USA—41,155 Belgium—5,453 Spain—20,852 Italy—23,660 UK—16,060

France—19,728 Iran—5,209 Turkey—2,017 Egypt—239 Algeria—375

Holland—3,100 Costa Rica—5 Saint Maarten—10 China—-4,632 Brazil—2,372

Switzerland—1,368 Mexico—686 Canada—1,587 Moldava—67 Bukina Faso—36

Washington State deaths total 620. Two local bus drivers have succumbed to the virus. And very shocking, I have just found out that my friend, longtime cabbie Dennis Roberts, is dead, his cab still sitting in front of his home. RIP Dennis. More on his passing when I have the details.

Taxi Coronavirus Doggerel

As I have been pointing out, clearly the situation is dire, but I was inspired to write this nonsense piece with the Saturday news that Jacksonville, Florida opened its beaches to the public, defying commonsense. The person responsible, Mayor Curry, GOP., this on the day 58 Floridians died from COVID-19.

58 Coffins

Hey Mommy, look! 58 coffins are floating out to sea

in celebration of Florida’s state-rights Democracy,

Yes, the very same day Jacksonville’s Mayor Curry

announced the city’s beaches were free to roam,

tragedy overtook Florida’s local cemeteries and funeral


58 more Floridians declared COVID-19 dead,

and given that sad reality,

there is truly nothing more necessary to be


Special Postscript 04/21/2020—-The passing of Dennis Eugene Roberts YC 464

It is with great sadness that I have to announce that longtime Seattle cabbie died April 9th from COVID-19. Dennis might be the first such taxi fatality in the country. Next week I plan a more extensive obituary once I know more details.